Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lyca for the Win

It is almost finals of the "The Voice Kids Philippines".  After the performance yesterday, I already fixed my mind that I will choose Darren and Lyca.  The kids are from Team Sarah and from them I got goose bumps.

Today's performance is with their coaches and other singers.  To be honest, I am like Lyca's mom.  I am tense as well especially she was singing an English song. She admitted that she is having a hard time and her pronunciation is not that good, but I can feel how she loves what she is doing and she really tried her best for it.  This is not sympathy.  She is really a good singer.  I am so happy that she was included in the finals.

Go, go, go LYCA!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Typhoon Glenda

With the beautiful weather today in Davao I have no problem in going to the office today. But, seeing the news this morning made me feel sad because some of my fellow Filipinos up north are experiencing typhoon Glenda or internationally known as "Rammasun". My prayers are with you. Just keep safe.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Kind of Clouds

Cirrocumulus Clouds on 365 Project

Just this morning, I saw this kind of clouds that I always love to see. They add beauty to my morning. According from Mr. Wiki, this kind of formation is a "Cirrocumulus clouds". Actually seeing it reminds of the beach water and sand.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Eggplant Salad

It's been awhile that I haven't shared my food preparations these days. So for today, I prepared an "Eggplant Salad" for lunch. I thought that this will be a perfect combination for my boiled egg.

Preparing this is so easy. I just boiled the eggplant for three to five minutes. Shred it by using fork and set aside. Slice ginger, onions, fresh tomatoes and spring onions according to your preferred cut and mix to our cooked eggplant. Put a very small amount of spicy vinegar, lemon and salt to taste. Aside from boiled egg, this is also a good combination for fried fish and pork. Try it and enjoy.

This vegetable is low in calorie so no need to worry if I prepare this all the time.

eggplant salad on 365 Project

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Beach Day

I'm in the beach this very morning.  Hubby and our mutual friends planned this just this week to de-stress.

It is not new to us that sun, sea water and sand give us helpful benefits in our body. I learned that:

The natural way of getting Vitamin D is to expose our bare skin to sun.  According to studies, it only takes a while to expose it.  Half an hour will be enough.  The more skin we exposed, the more we get Vitamin D.  Just don't forget to bring our sunscreen if we wanted to bask after 10 in the morning.  Vitamin D helps our immune system, muscles and heart work.  It also helps reduce from having cancer.  Moreover, it helps us looks great and happier as it will spare us from depression.

On the other hand, sea water has this miracle treatment to clean our skin and take away excess oil of our hair.  The good reason also is that it helps cure and cuts.  Of course, part of de-stressing is to go swimming. It helps us become fit as it allows our whole body to work because of this kind of exercise.

Walking on the sand barefoot helps our soles become soft because sand is considered a natural exfoliant.

Lastly, staying in the beach gives me a nice feeling.  It is a nice place to read books under the palm shade.  So relaxing.  Now you know why I love going to the beach.

Have a nice Sunday everyone.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Avoiding News This Time

Yes!  I am avoiding national news to be exact this week.  I mean my fellow citizens are grumbling which I think so petty than our problem against China's claim over our islands and many more.  The national artist issue of Miss Nora and Miss Vilma's wrong spelling note are not worthy to sensationalize.  I just wonder why our media picks irrelevant topics to share the whole week.  They are like the people who are only good in shouting on the streets forgetting that they are called to do things that is more rightly and just.  Sigh!

I really believe that our freedom of expression is use in a wrong manner all the time.  Making news to drive people to talk topics from incomplete facts is very alarming. Thus, many people share opinions that are so out of topic.  They are not making us well-informed these days.  They are just filling us up with gossips where information is all exaggerated.  Duh!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hello Rainy Season

Obviously, I am back bringing my big umbrella.  The usual rain in the afternoon is an indication that summer is finally over.  I just hope that my fellowmen will be all safe especially that this is also an indication where typhoons will go to visit my fragile country very often.  It is quite sad because the people affected in the recent typhoon late last year have not fully recovered yet.  Some are still under the relocation centers and maybe clueless if it is still safe to stay there.  

Natural calamities are beyond our control.  Government agencies like PAGASA helps us determine the week's forecast to plan better if it is safe to go out or not.  However, some will underestimate the warnings thinking they are much better than this trusted agency that is why there are still victims reported in the country.  I just hope that previous typhoons taught us a lesson this time.  It is very heartbreaking seeing people die even if it can be prevented to happen.  

Hubby and I are starting to buy our extra food for the rainy season.  We do not know if it will worsen this time, but as much as possible we have to be ready.  We are replacing old stocks too. I just hope that Davao will be as safe like before so this will be a place for more people who want their family safe.