Thursday, April 24, 2014

News over the Week

Am I hearing it right?

I was really surprising that Mrs. Napoles decides to tell-all after she declined all the allegations before .   And now, she includes other government officials who are also guilty.  Does her conscience made her to do this?  I think so.

I am happy that she decided to cooperate.  I do not care that she is seeking to lessen her sentence.  I am after of the whole truth and confirmation to prove that these government officials are guilty.  I believe that this tell-all will give an impact in this coming election aside from taking their questionable assets and bring them to prison.  (I hope so) I still believe in our judicial system even others do not.

I just hope that justice will prevail and all must be punished.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

2014 Summer Escapades

IMG_6073369171141 on 365 Project
thanks to #Dylan UY

Before the Holy Week, my summer escapades had just begun.  As what I have told you, I'll be sharing my latest getaways with my close friends and office mates.  It was my best friend who invited us to visit Mati again.  Well, the main purpose is to test-drive their newly purchased Toyota Fortuner.  Since hubby just got his new Ford Wildtruck, it was a good idea to join them.

IMG_6083345458983 on 365 Project
 thanks to #Dylan UY

When we arrived, we were informed that Mati City was having their skim boarding festival.  I never knew that that there are many visitors from other places including foreigners who are competing.  Luckily, I saw my friend who was busy taking pictures during the competition and I asked him to take some pictures of us as well.
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Three days passed we had our despedida get together with my office mates at Sonrisa on Samal Island.  That day, I had a chance to swim all day and roam around the resort.  Well, one thing I like about the resort is that it is so solemn and I guess it explains why that some students (law and medical aspirants) find this place a perfect place to study.  Unfortunately, during our visit, when the time we want to freshen up, the water pressure is so low so we decided to wash ourselves with water alone and just a take a shower at home after.  Good thing that all of us are cowgirls and it didn't bother us at all.  We saw that they are busy renovating the resort to cater for the possible visitors that will come on Easter Sunday.  I just hope that by then the water is okay already.

IMG_11325779541021 on 365 Project 

There it is.  It is not finished yet.  I'll be visiting places soon and I'll share it again here. 

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hot Seat

Oh my!

My boss is flaring with fire when he arrives in the office today.  I am so scared.  I am not used to listening to loud voices scolding my other office mate.  Well, I do not know what the reason behind it is, but I guess something that is about an unfinished task.  It is not new.  My boss is very strict about it and one thing he doesn't like is when you are dishonest.

Another thing that my boss is upset is that someone is playing around.   It was reported that his other staff is leaving early without his superior's permission.  Tsk tsk tsk.  I remember why this staff is considered to join in this company because of his backer even if he failed the exam.  Mmmmm...I just wonder why people especially those who are given special treatment abuse their power.


Friday, April 11, 2014


It is hard for me to let my friend go. I taught I was the only one holding my emotions and not to let my tears fall down.  I joined her downstairs since she will be leaving early for her appointment.  She told me that we will be meeting again and there is no need to be sad.

When my boss left early for an outdoor meeting, our two boys decided to buy our snack at Annipie.  Rennel and I were left alone in the office and talk discuss our missing colleague.  During our conversation, we didn't mean to lose our composure and didn't notice how our tears fall down on our cheeks.  I remember that we are sobbing as if someone died.  Sigh.

This is the second time I cried over someone's resignation.  I will truly miss a person who helps me be more confident.  She is truly the author of sweet revenge - my Ninang.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pink Roses from my Garden

It's been awhile I haven't had a chance to see the flower vendor in our place. Normally, she shouts so loud to draw our attention and I will be running fast to catch her and buy one set of fresh flowers for our altar.

pink roses on 365 Project

Today, while I was watering my plants, I noticed a bunch of pink flowers from my garden. They came from my rose plant that I got from my hubby's previous farm. They are famous to have many flower plants and the rose was the only one that survived under my care.

I saved 15 pesos this morning. Looking at these roses gave me a fulfillment that aside from I was able to revive it, I help my husband to save our money. Yehey!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Summer Outing

Have you started your outdoor adventure already?

Summer season has just started and obviously people are now excited of planning of where to go.  Honestly, I have plenty of places that I want to visit, but I do not know where to start. (Hahaha)

Since my godmother will be leaving us for good, we are planning to go to the beach as her despedida party.  Yes, you read it right.  It was really an answered prayer.  We will be in a beach where we could have our own privacy.  We will be bringing our loved ones and that includes their children.  I have no babies yet so I will be bringing my hubby with me on that day.  I do not know if I will go swimming, but I am praying that the weather will not be too sunny.

I will post here the details of our outdoor trip so you will have an idea on where to visit if you are in Davao.  Till next guys!